Biased Roulette Wheels

When a roulette wheel is considered biased, this means that it has some sort of defect that results in certain numbers being selected more often than they should. There are actually different kinds of defects that can cause a wheel to be biased.

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One type of defect is a pocket defect which is often a result of wear. This can possibly cause some numbers to be favoured. It is different from some other defects as it only affects a smaller portion of the wheel resulting in a smaller group of numbers appearing more often. Sometimes a pocket for whatever reason can become larger which makes the ball more likely to land in the pocket.

A frequent cause of a biased roulette wheel is due to the edges between the pockets becoming loosened. When the ball hits, the recoil is slower which means the pockets affected are more likely to be selected.

Rotor wobble can be responsible for a roulette wheel being biased towards an entire sector. The rotor is placed on a spindle. This spindle can become slightly crooked as a result of cleaning. When cleaning is performed, the rotor is removed from the wheel. A defect can also happen at the tops of the sides where the ball spins. This kind of defect can cause the ball to more likely fall into a particular slot. Usually a wobble can easily be spotted. Most of the time the rotor is highly polished brass. The ceiling light is reflected into it which makes it simple to visually detect. Therefore, this kind of wheel is often taken out of use rather quickly.

Biased roulette wheels are only a problem that land based casino sites much contend with. Anyone playing online roulette doesn’t have to worry about this since the results of the online wheel are a result of a random number generator.

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