Roulette Betting Strategies to Avoid

Many times when learning about roulette betting, advice is given on what to do. However, sometimes advice as to what not to do can be quite powerful as well. There are numerous betting strategies that have been developed to beat the casinos. However, none of these really do work.

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All versions of roulette are designed to provide a constant house edge throughout the game. There is no way to change these odds. Depending upon the version of roulette you play, this house edge will vary. With American Roulette the house’s edge is 5.26% and with European Roulette, the house’s edge is 2.7%. Despite what they say, none of the roulette betting strategies out there will change this. It doesn’t matter what combination of bets are made or how the amount of the wager changes, the house’s edge remains consistent.
The most commonly used strategy is the Martingale strategy. With this strategy, the player continues to double their wager on an even money bet following a loss. The intent is to try to recoup one’s losses by winning an amount equivalent to the initial wager that lost. However, this often doesn’t work as this is sometimes impossible to do after a series of losses. At some point, the player will no longer be able to double their wager. They could run out of funds. They could also hit the limit of the table which means they also lost a significant amount of money.

Another strategy is one developed by Andrez Martinez of the Los Angeles Times. The player divides their bankroll into 35 parts. One part is wagered on a single number each time. If a win occurs on the tenth spin, the bankroll is recovered and the remaining t25 parts are excess. Keep in mind, this is not a successful strategy as you cannot guarantee winning on the tenth spin.

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