Roulette Strategy

Roulette is more of a game of chance than some other favourite casino table games. When making a wager on roulette, you are betting one where a spinning marble will land. While many players believe they can implement strategies to influence the results, they simply cannot. Roulette is set-up to provide the casino with the more favourable odds. There are things that can be done in order to make it easier to win more often.

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One of these would be the surrender option in the game of roulette. This differs from the surrender option in blackjack. When playing roulette, can you opt to play the outside bets. With the surrender option, if the marble lands on zero, you would only lose half of your bet. This makes the house’s edge a bit lower. Your winnings on the outside bet would be 1 to 1, which isn’t a large winning. However, you can be prevented from losing as much.

Simply choosing one roulette game over another can improve your chances of winning. The European roulette wheel features only one zero while the American roulette wheel has a zero as well as double zero. This means the house’s edge is double when using an American roulette wheel. By playing the European version, you can make your situation more favourable to winning. European roulette can be found at most online casinos.

When playing the European roulette game, you also have an option of the en prison rule. This means if you place an even money bet and the wheel lands on zero, your bet is “imprisoned.” This means that the next spin will determine the outcome of the bet. IF the number you bet on wins a second time, you get your money back. If a zero is again landed on, the bet remains imprisoned. If course, a losing bet would see your money go to the casino.

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